Teacher Marketability

Teachers who hold a Standard Certificate are most marketable!!!  In other words, districts are maintaining larger than ever pools of certified teachers, they do not require teachers who only hold a Probationary Certificate issued by an ATC program. Such pools do not always meet the hiring needs of a school. When opening new schools and launching new programs, schools must hire new teachers outside of the pool.

Where do districts find new teachers? Most often schools would rather hire from within. How do teachers position themselves for such hiring? Sometimes, through job fairs, recruiting events or, hold strong connections to district personnel? That will work! The best way, though, “to get your foot in the door” is to serve a 12 or 14 week student teacher internship. Making yourself invaluable, during the internship, to the administrators, teachers, and children. Developing strong contacts, relationships, and connections with everyone on campus will ensure that you are offered a teaching position in the future.  TEACH can certainly assist you with such an internship.

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