About Us


TEACH commits to work as a partner with local education agencies in preparing high-performing, culturally sensitive, and creative problem solvers for Texas classrooms. Producing teachers who are driven by passion, committed to making a positive impact, and willing to serve as advocates for the voiceless, TEACH meets the challenges and opportunities of teaching diverse children. Delivering an interdisciplinary program framed by the needs of children with diversities will reduce the teacher shortages in bilingual, ESL, and special education, mathematics, and science classes.

T.E.A.C.H. is an acronym?: Yes!!
TEACH is an acronym for Training via e-learning: An Alternative Certification Hybrid.

Who Are Our Students?

TEACH students are

  • Driven by a passion to serve children, schools, families, and communities.
  • Committed to making a positive imprint on the lives of others.
  • Strong enough to motivate others to shed their past fears and discover their future talents giving them voice.
  • Willing to serve as an advocate in eliminating educational inequalities.
  • Brokers for life-long learning.
  • Represent all walks of life (bankers, lawyers, entrepreneurs, computer-tech  industry/research, law enforcement, psychology, sociology, etc),
  • Represent nearly all U.S. states (Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, California, Florida, Hawaii, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Washington, Wisconsin), and other countries (Italy, United Arab Emirates, Ukraine, Thailand, Taiwan, Turkey, Philippines, Poland, Chile, Peru, Guatemala, Sweden, Canada, South Korea, Mexico, India, Spain, England, Columbia, to name a few).
  • TEACH out-of-Texas teachers enroll and begin working in the TEACH portal while living abroad. Having completed Phase I by the time they relocate to Texas, they are ready to challenge the TExES, and soon after, and secure a teaching position.

TEACH students by los números are

  • 76.3% female
  • 27.1% minority
  • 83.4% speak another language in addition to English.
  • 95.3% hold a 3 or 3+ GPA on a Bachelors, Masters, or PHD.
  • 24.1% hold a Masters, and/or a PHD.
  • 100% hold robust technological skills when they exit the Program.

Board (Advisory Committee)

  • Pamela M. Baldez, Software Engineer, Austin
  • Myrtle Balch, Retired Teacher, Austin
  • Elizabeth Roger-Wallace, Writing Specialist, Oregon
  • Margarita Guerry, 21st Century Dir, El Paso
  • Tom Guyton, Band Director, Lockhart
  • Dr. Sylvia Little, Consultant, Austin
  • Janie Maldonado, Curriculum Specialist, Austin
  • Vicki McKay, U of Houston Professor, Houston
  • Monica Sanchez, Sociologist, Falfurrias
  • Ed Yeager, Teacher, Cedar Park
  • Robin Andrews, International Educator, Zimbabwe
  • Francesa Sganzerla, Teacher, Zurich, Switzerland
  • Susan Browne, Retired Teacher, Austin
  • Mailing Address: P. O. Box 141473, Austin, TX 78714


  • Pamela Baldez, Austin, Technical Consultant
  • Dr. Ron Kettler, Austin, Data Director
  • Russell Kyle, Austin, Tech Architect
  • Minerva Sanchez, Falfurrias, Company Procurement Assistant
  • Ed Yeager, Cedar Park, TExES Tutor
  • Gauri Misra, Leander, Portal Coach
  • Linda Wakeman, Round Rock, Administrative Assistant
  • Monica Sanchez, Falfurrias, Facebook Master
  • Physical Office: Twin Towers, 1106 Clayton Lane, 515W, Austin, TX 78723

Course Developers

  • Cornel Jones, PHD, Education Leadership
  • Susan Lee, MED, Reading
  • Frances Meiser, BA, Brain Research
  • Patricia A. Rehm, MED, Reading
  • Delia G Quintanilla, EDD, Curriculum, Educational Policy
  • Elizabeth A. Swanson, PHD, Special Education
  • Veronica E. Valdez, PHD, Bilingual Education
  • Pat Rehm, MA, SPED
  • Sylvia Little, PHD, Curriculum
  • Derrick Love, PHD, Curriculum
  • Gilbert Hicks, PHD, Austin ISD Principal
  • Anique Reese, Austin ISD Master Teacher
  • Debbie Krueger, MA, Pflugerville ISD Master Teacher
  • Denise Thornton, Round Rock Master Teacher
  • Laurie Clark, MA, Manor ISD Master Teacher
  • Amber Thompson, PHD, Hays CISD Master Teacher
  • Ed Yeager, MA, Austin ISD Master Teacher
  • Erica Mason, MA, Pflugerville Master Teacher
  • Barbara Birnbaum, Austin Private Master Teacher
  • Annette Stephens, MA, Austin/Round Rock Curriculum Master
  • Dr. Janice Lopez, Austin

Field Supervisors
A few who have served. 

  • Jonnie Barron, North Dallas
  • Stella de la Garza, San Antonio
  • Kattie Edmonson, Round Rock
  • Debbie Glasscock, San Marcos
  • Johnnie Harris, Austin
  • Jenae Hill, Bastrop
  • Nancy Holle, Belton
  • Dr. Sylvia Little, Austin
  • Bob Newell, Austin
  • Elizabeth Newell, Austin
  • Laura Packard, Georgetown
  • Susan Pugh, De Soto
  • Dr. Maine Robinson, Round Rock
  • Principal Annette Stephens, Round Rock
  • Minnie Thomas, Houston
  • Principal Theodore Timms, Marshall
  • Betty Williams, Austin