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Written Testimonials

Thank you so very much Miss Quintanilla!

I just wanted to let you know that you know that yesterday at 6:30 PM, I received a call from the HR Director at HCISD, Ms. Martinez, and she offered the Speech position at the Dr. Cano Academy to me and I exitedly accepted the offer. I am now in the Teacher Builder program and will be studying to take the Speech #129 test on January 8th and should be in my classroom at the same time. Grades will be posted on January 17th and I will let you know how that transpires as well but I truly appreciate all of your help and guidance in getting me through some of these obstacles in order to get to this begining of my teaching career. I cannot thank you enough. Have a great weekend and I can’t wait to pass the test and get started. Thank you for everything.
Denielle R. Garza

Things here are absolutely wonderful! My doctoral classes are amazing as are the TEACH courses and I find parallels between them everyday which makes my work so much more enjoyable.
Amber, Intern, Hays CISD

My experiences in the TEACH Program have been invaluable to my success in the classroom. I have been able to apply 100% of the information from the website and from the workshops to teaching my students. I have received overwhelmingly positive comments from parents, students, and colleagues about many of the ideas that I have incorporated based solely on the instruction that I have received from the TEACH Program. I know that I am making a difference, and I will continue to do so with the support that I receive from Dr. Quintanilla, and her program. This is the best possible certification program in existence!
Eric, 4th Grade Teacher, Private School, Austin

I just completed my 14 weeks of student teaching at Casey Elementary School. Last Friday, April 28, was my last day. It was both exciting and sad as I said goodbye to the children. The children painted a big clay pot, their fingerprints and names on it with, “Thank you for helping us grow”. Mrs. Walker’s (cooperating teacher-mentor) last words that day will always be a source of encouragement. As she said in front of the children, quote” You have the heart to teach and that is the most important element in this profession. Yes, a degree, books, training are needed to guide us, but if you don’t have the heart to teach children, it will be very difficult to survive each day.” And you have the heart, so you can do it!”

My internship was very challenging but rewarding. I have learned so much from my mentor, Mrs. Walker as well as the children. Each experience enhanced my ability and skills as a teacher. I am looking forward to teaching in my own classroom so that I can guide children become life-long learners. Thank you for the support and valuable instructional guidelines through your program. Everything is much appreciated. God Bless!
Pamela, Intern, Austin

“…Honestly, I am more impressed with TEACH than ever. After just what I’ve done in Phase I, I was fully prepared to take the TExES for a Reading Specialist. That is really impressive. Now if that sounds like me tooting my own horn, it’s not intended to. What I really mean is that it’s AWEsome that we’re being prepared to that degree. I would be willing to bet that there are students graduating from college with their ED degrees that haven’t gotten the kind of RELEVANT information that we are. Truly impressive!!
Allison, BIED Teacher, Pflugerville

“…I called just about everyone in Texas to make sure this was a positive program and I was met with undivided support from each certification officer or agency I spoke to. This program has been fun, interactive and easy to use. I appreciate the support and feel that my first year of teaching will be a successful one because I have this program behind me. I know how crazy a first year can be and when you are supported that makes all the difference in the world!”
Tara, Lincoln, Technology Teacher, NE

(Email) “Thank you so much for the telephone call. It was very helpful in orienting me to the methods and purpose of the Teachquest program. I have never been associated with a program such as yours. It is quite unique in the aspect that it actually uses the teaching methods it teaches others to employ. I can see that your program is set up to help the students learn, master the material and eventually use it to their success and to the benefit of their future students. I can see that your organization is truly dedicated to teaching in every aspect.”
Martin, Intern, Austin

“…The new resource teacher, here, is a recent graduate of another alternative certification program and failed the SPED test the first time. The teacher said that the curriculum they provided had NOTHING to do with the actual test, and was pretty disappointed with the whole program. So I hope you are proud of the TEACH program! I don’t know how anyone COULDN’T pass the TExES with the courses we had! A 100% pass rate is incredible!”
Leah, SPED Teacher, Central Texas

“…I want to thank you for allowing me the opportunity (taking a risk on me since I had failed the SPED exam numerous times) to take your online courses. I really enjoyed all the courses online. The information was easy to read, understand, and not overwhelming. I was able to answer many questions on the three TExES exams based on your courses. Again, a BIG THANK YOU and all of the TEACH Professors.”
Mary Ann, SPED Teacher, San Antonio

As a former professional getting back into the work force after raising a family, I needed an independent, self-paced, flexible program. In only nine months, I completed the courses, internship, TEXES exams and received a contract with a top school! The T.E.A.C.H. program includes the latest brain-based teaching strategies and what I’ve learned will be invaluable to me in my classroom.
Mary P., Austin

T.E.A.C.H. allowed me to change my life. I was able to maintain a full-time job while completing my course work online. I was confident with each certificate exam I took because I had the benefit of the practice test required by T.E.A.C.H. The staff was always easy to contact and very helpful with my concerns.

I have been so pleased with my experience that I have referred others to the T.E.A.C.H. program and will continue to do so. I now have a great job and I owe it all to this program.
Theresa Gateley, Special Education Teacher, Southwest ISD