All Online Prep!

TEACH Program Delivered Completely Online!
@ Your Own Pace.Time.Place!
No Scheduled Virtual MTGS!

 TEACH Delivery:  Workshops and courses are delivered via the Internet. The online workshops are delivered through our elearning platform @  Added enrichment is delivered through TEACH videos viewed in your home. Completion of Phase I will depend on your style of learning, how you organize your study time and time you devote to each module.  Many of you will sail right through the ACC courses (state 30/150 hour rule) completing in 8 weeks or less (Virtual Time), others will require more.

Even though there are no application deadlines and you can begin your online course study at anytime (day, time, month), you must plan ahead. The TEACH Program was designed to assist teacher candidates in acquiring the necessary skill sets for teaching in a diverse classroom via online.  Instead of requiring students to attend a Pre-assignment phase of 4 days per week, 3 hours (6pm-9pm) per day, plus Saturday (9am-4pm) workshop sessions for 3-to-4 months (sometimes 5 months) at a physical site, teacher prep theory & practice  are delivered through the Internet.