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TEACH Program Delivered Completely Online!
@ Your Own Pace.Time.Place!

 TEACH Delivery:  Workshops and courses are delivered via the Internet. The online workshops are delivered through our Learner Management System @  Added enrichment is delivered through TEACH videos viewed in your home. Completion of Phase I will depend on your style of learning, how you organize your study time and time you devote to each module.  Many of you will sail right through the All Core Courses (ACC) completing in 8 weeks or less (Virtual Time), others will require more.

Even though there are no application deadlines and you can begin your online course study at anytime (day, time, month), you must plan ahead. The TEACH Program was designed to assist teacher candidates in acquiring the necessary skill sets for teaching in a diverse classroom via online.  Instead of requiring students to attend a Pre-assignment phase of 4 days per week, 3 hours (6pm-9pm) per day, plus Saturday (9am-4pm) workshop sessions for 3-to-4 months (sometimes 5 months) at a physical site, teacher prep theory & practice  are delivered through the Internet.

Texas Administrative Codes (TAC)

I.    Application Process
1.    Pass the PACT (19 TAC 227.10 (a)(3)(A)
2.    Submit Application Documents (19 TAC 227.10 (a)(3)(A)
3.    Schedule Interview (19 TAC 227.10 (8)

II.  Eligibility Requirements
1.    Meet Minimum State Requirements.
2.    Receive Acceptance email.
3.    Sign Welcome letter, Services as Formal Admission Letter. (19 TAC 227.17 (c)
4.    Enter teacher demographic Information in ECOS System. (19 TAC 227.17 (c)

5.     Comply with State ASEP Process: All should match, the Other Enrolled list, the Test Approvals, and  Each certification Field.
5.      Comply with Texas State Code of Ethics. (19 TAC 247.2)
5.     Submit TEACH Amended Form if Adjustments to Certificate Are Required.

6.     Secure a Teaching Position Whether unpaid Clinical Teaching or paid Teacher of Record.
6.     Serve an Internship in the Content Area in Which Enrolled—PACT Exam Passed.
6.     Serve Clinical Teaching Internship in the Content Area in Which Enrolled. (19 TAC 228.35 (A)(ii)
6.     Observations Recorded in ASEP Data. (19 TAC 228.35 (g)

7.     Submit Portal History and #15a, Benchmark Form Launching the TEACH Exit Interview. (19 TAC             228.40)
7.     Schedule TEACH Exit Interview presenting #15ba documents on a Flash Drive.