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Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Request

Subject: Share your teacher prep experience for a $15 Amazon gift card!
Interested in sharing your teacher preparation experience and earning a $15 Amazon gift card?

Between now and mid-June researchers from The Decision Lab (a non-profit) are conducting surveys with teachers candidates or recent graduates from teacher preparation programs in Texas and California. Survey respondents will receive a $15 Amazon gift card for their contribution. This work will inform research efforts to understand the barriers and opportunities of improving the accessibility of high-quality teacher preparation programs. 

Eligible teacher candidates can complete the survey here –>


Any questions related to this work can be directed to

Voice From the Past!!! Give Voice to the Voiceless!!

Hello Dr. Q, this is Karen Decker.

I don’t know if you still remember me.[Dr. Q]  Of course I do!! You were a fantastic teacher!!!!  I am one of your student teachers in 2015-2016. I was a teacher in the Philippines and when arriving here in Texas decided to enroll in your school to be a teacher in Texas.

I did EC to 6 and 4-8. Just letting you know that this year, I am awarded as Teacher of the Year [Dr. Q] Fantastic!!!! and will represent my school district in Region 7.

I just want to thank you and your good program, TEACH, 227-701, in helping me achieve my dream. Everything I learned from TEACH QUEST was put to good use. The webpage and portfolio I was required to do helped a lot in getting my job. 

God bless you always. Continue to help teachers like who dream to make a difference. [Dr. Q] Many thanks. And, the best to you. Remember, the portal and I are accessible to you at anytime. All services offered without fee. WooHoo!!!

Karen Decker

JROTC Program

Call Dr. Q. We provide info only on the JROTC certificat.  No content area exam is required if individual holds the JROTC certificate. Only TExES exam required is the EC-12 PPR. Call Dr. Q @ 512-928-8423 for more specific info!

Positions Abroad

Considering a position overseas? Check with us, we maintain connections in several countries.

Program Quality

Delivering a program online allows an individual more resources at his/her “finger tips”.  Onsite courses are limited to the “time on task” in the classroom. They are limited to the experiences/knowledge of the professor delivering the course.

Teacher Marketability

Where do districts find new teachers? Most often schools would rather hire from within. How do teachers position themselves for such hiring? Sometimes, through job fairs, recruiting events or, hold strong connections to district personnel? That will work! The best way, though, “to get your foot in the door” is to serve a 12 or 14 week student teacher internship. Making yourself invaluable, during the internship, to the administrators, teachers, and children. Developing strong contacts, relationships, and connections with everyone on campus will ensure that you are offered a teaching position in the future.

Status of Schools

The economy is improving and the Texas student population continues to grow. 

12.2.15: Several schools throughout Texas need teachers, ASAP. Contact, Rebbeca Hart @ for specific info. You may also call her at 512-490-7680.

That said, districts are opening the new schools they closed in the past 2-years.  In addition, they are adding new programs which require adding new teachers.

School districts are forced to open new schools, launch new programs, re-instate sideline programs, subsequently, hire more teachers for all such ventures.  Only, through growth can school districts meet the demands of the growing student population teaching & learning needs.