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 Please connect to Dr. Q for more info by phone or email. 

Due to Cyrillic Script users,
TEACH QUEST staff does not respond to the Contact Us Form. Instead, please contact the TEACH QUEST office directly through email @ or We have been inundated by Cyrillic Script!!  Ouch!! 

District Code, 227-701

512-928-8423, LL
512-217-5771, Cell

Mailing Address:
TEACH, P. O. Box 141473
Austin, TX 78714

Physical Address:
Twin Towers, 1106 Clayton LN, 515W
Austin, TX 78723

T.E.A.C.H. is an acronym?: Yes!!
TEACH is an acronym for Training via e-learning: An Alternative Certification Hybrid. District Code, 227-701

You may contact us by e-mailing Dr. Quintanilla at

NOTE: addresses, when requesting an application packet, you must also add to your email list. Otherwise, TEACH emails are viewed as “spam” and sent to your delete box.

Application Packet:
TEACH Application Packets are e-mailed to candidates after emailing Dr. Q. via e-mail.

Your Application Packet:
Please do not send application docs via email attachment, by piecemeal. Too risky for fraud! In particular, do not email transcripts—transcripts contain SS#!!  Instead, if living in Texas, post all application docs required  to P. O. Box 141473, Austin, TX 78714! If living out of Texas, place all application docs in Dropbox. Send Dropbox access info request to Dr. Q at

Application form is for your review ONLY.  We offer the application in a PDF file, below; however, the application is ONLY one item of the Application Packet/Process. Please email or call Dr. Q to officially begin the application process. Do not submit application via Internet–not safe, security issues. 

TEACH Application Doc