Included Deliverables

What Components Should an Alternative Certification Program Include?

  1. Preparing teacher candidates to successfully pass the TExES exams. TEACH TExES prep includes 35 hours of course work, 60 hours of onsite/phone tutoring,  & 5 hours of TExES practice exams.
  2. Ongoing Supervisor Support which includes a Supervisor who observes teacher teaching at least 4 times per semester.
  3. Ongoing Pedagogical Training throughout internship including courses &/or workshops.
  4. Selecting process which identifies quality teachers for the Texas classroom.

TEACH Delivers All Four Components Plus Four Additional Components!

  1. Teaching tools necessary to produce high-performing students. Students who perform on or above average on the district/state assessment tools.
  2. Teaching tools which support high-level thinking in Texas Classrooms.
  3. Supporting courses which enrich teacher’s pedagogical knowledge & skills.
  4. Testing pedagogical skills through a laboratory setting–a virtual classroom.

Program Deliverables

  • 12 Professors, Online Course of Study
  • 70+ courses including but not limited to Core Courses, Brain-based Research courses, study guide courses; language courses, Middle & HS focused courses; special needs focused courses; Technology focused courses; uGuide Resources courses, -focused on all content areas and grade levels
  • 20 Educational Videos in zeToolbox
  • 10 Weebly, Online Workshops, plus a hands-on, Robotics Workshop
  • 2 Textbooks: Wong & Wong,  The Brain Train &/or a Discipline Specific Text/video
  • 2 Software Demos: Inspiration, Portfolio Builder
  • 25 TExES Prep Handouts
  • 12/7 support via Internet, Telephone
  • 3 or More Sessions, One-On-One TExES Prep Tutoring
  • 2 or More Sessions, Résumé Review & Interview Coaching
  • 25 TExES Practice Exams Available through the Testing Site
  • 6 Supervisor Visits: 4 per semester
  • 2 Clinical Supervisors: If More Classroom Visits Required by Principal/Director/Supervisor, Supervisors Enter Teacher’s Classroom Twice a Week.
  • 1 Mentor, Campus: Paid Stipend, Observes at Least 3 Times
  • 1 Retired Teacher Mentor, Average, 3:1
  • 3-year Program Support (2 years beyond Internship Year)
  • Access to tqportal for the life of the program after exit from program