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Texas Examinations: TExES Content Area & PPR!

Before entering a Texas classroom, the State of Texas requires an individual challenge and pass the TExES content area examination and the EC-12 PPR with a scaled score of 240. For specific info on the TExES, consult Both TExES are required before teacher is issued a Probationary Certificate.

TExES Tutoring

TEACH offers individual, via phone, tutoring on and practice exams for TExES exam preparation via web.

UGR 0001 One-on-One Tutoring with Dr. Q & Dr. Y
BES  3009 25-Study Guides for Content Area Exams
UGR 3009 5-Test-Taking Strategies Courses
UGR 0002 TExES Content Area Practice Exams
UGR 0003 TExES PPR Practice Exams