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Ongoing Support

Throughout the program, the TEACH  Teacher receives ongoing support. From admission into the program through exit from the program and recommendation for a certificate, candidates connect to four mentors. TEACH Director and portal mentor guide the candidate through the online courses. TEACH supervisor and campus mentor guide the candidate through the onsite internship.

Serving as a blueprint for program progression, the RoadMap serves as a guide from entering to exiting the program. During the internship, the  TEACH Director, two supervisors (logistics & clinical), mentor and principal provide constructive guidance for teaching improvement.

The Logistics Supervisor assists/guides the candidate in planning, disciplining, increasing learning and delivering basic classroom techniques. The Clinical Supervisor provides intervention by actually modeling techniques missing in a candidate’s classroom performance.

Candidate Competencies

Throughout the internship, candidates have the opportunity to build teaching capacity by mastering overarching competencies.

  • Relate to the children they are teaching.
  • Know what to teach and why.
  • Set high expectations for learning.
  • Execute efficient teaching and student support strategies.
  • Determine impact on student learning.
  • Continuously improve teaching based on student development and reflections on practice.

Types of Internships

  • Paid: Teacher of Record Internship, 36-weeks
  • Non-Paid: Student Teacher, 14-or 16-weeks
  • Length of student teacher internship based on past classroom experience.

Paid Internship

While serving as a Teacher of Record during the one-year paid internship, candidates receive salary and benefits of a first-year teacher.

Each candidate secures a teaching position through application and interview process of the Texas Education Agency accredited school district, charter school, or private school.

Non-Paid Internship

The internship, leading to a standard certificate, is designed for individuals who would rather not serve as a Teacher of Record in a school for 36-weeks. Instead, the candidate elects to participate in a 14-week or 16-week unpaid classroom placement assigned by the school district. The experience is very similar to participating in a student teaching experience.

Teaching Assistant Supervision

The supervision services, leading to a Student Teacher placement or Teacher of Record, is designed for individuals serving as a teaching assistant/educational aide. The campus principal & HR director allows TEACH to enter the classroom of the Teacher Assistant providing support. The teaching assistant experience does not substitute for the teacher of record or clinical teaching (student teaching) internship.

Ongoing Support After Certificate Issued by TEACH

TEACH provides support long after an individual is issued a Standard Certificate. During the first two years after certification (3 years of Program Support), the TEACH certified teacher, or master teacher receives supervisory support. In addition, the TEACH master teacher receives access to the TEACH portal. In the portal, the master teacher may access any of the uGuide Resources available to teachers.