Program Logistics & Fees

Getting Started With Three Easy Steps!

  1. Submit the Preliminary Application found on the Contact Us page. e-mail to Dr. Quintanilla.
  2. Connect to phone interview with Dr. Quintanilla or her representative.
  3.  Submit following documents soon after submitting Preliminary Application and phone interview:
-TEACH Comprehensive Application Form
-Program Agreement Form
-Letter of Introduction:
Candidate submits a one-page Letter of Introduction or Résumé
In addition, teacher should complete a criminal background check.
-Reference Letters:
Candidate submits two Letters of Reference. Letters should indicate candidate’s potential for being a “High-Performing” teacher. Reference may email letters.  Entity, schools’ or individual’s letterhead not required.
-Official Transcripts: required from the university confirming the BA, MA, PHD.
Mail to: TEACH       P. O. Box 141473      Austin, TX 78714
-$50.00 Application Fee, non-refundable, part of discount:
Candidate may pay by credit card/check/money order/cashier’s check/bank transfer. This fee applied to program fees when candidate enrolls in TEACH.

Teacher From a Country Other Than the United States Applicants

For applicants seeking certification the state requires several additional documents. See the SBEC website for more details.

1) Foreign Credential Review:
An original Foreign Credential Review.
TEACH Preference: Foreign Credentials Services of America, 1910 Justin Lane,  Austin 78757;     512-459.8428
2) Verification of Immigration/Citizenship status:
A copy of the individual’s green card, visa authorizing the individual’s presence in the United States.
3) Proof of Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing English Language Proficiency Required:
+TOEFL, which measure an individual’s oral English language proficiency. A copy of the TOEFL registration bulletin may be downloaded from the TOEFL website.
+All candidates will require a social security number to apply for the program.

Supply and Demand for Educators in Texas
Based on information from the Texas Education Agency (TEA) website, Over the next decade, there will be an increasing demand for new teachers due in part to a dramatic increase in enrollment and high attrition rates as an aging teacher workforce becomes eligible for retirement.

TEA Website continues.
Since some shortage areas have been forced to hire teachers without certifications or to instruct in areas outside of their certifications, preference is given to teachers with a Master of Arts in Teaching. a Master of Education or a similar graduate degree. Having a master’s degree can equate to higher salaries and more leadership opportunities.

For more information on projected teaching positions, engage with: