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Admission Criteria

Applicants Accepted into TEACH Must Meet Five Criteria

  • Hold a bachelor’s degree with an overall grade point average of 2.75 or above on a four-point scale. The state requires a 2.5 GPA. TEACH policy considers an applicant with a 2.75 or lower GPA for enrollment through the State 10% rule or, teaching experience. Contact TEACH for additional information.
  • Submit a criminal record report and fingerprints as required by districts and the State Board for Educator Certification.
  • Submit Application, Program Agreement, and two Letters of Recommendation.
  • Submit a one-page Letter of Introduction or Résumé
  • Complete successfully a screening process that includes completing an Entrance Interview with the program director.

TEACH Program is aligned closely to the basic requirements of a college or university in-service program. Thus, similar to most colleges/universities, we consider 24-semester hours in a discipline, a “major” and 18- semester hours, a “minor”. We strongly believe that the TEACH Program 24-hour course requirement makes an individual more marketable to an HR personnel director and/or principal. Aside from the student’s marketability, the additional hours in a discipline reduce the failure rate on the TExES content area exam. More importantly, the additional hours ensure a discipline-robust individual teaching in the classroom.

However, the Program is willing to consider (review) your application if you hold at least 15-hours in a discipline area and passed PACT. No matter, we continue to encourage all applicants to hold at least a “minor” or at the most a “major” in a particular discipline area. Bottonline: Most, if not all school districts, require the 24-credit hours for content area certificates.

Sample of Specific State of Texas Certificate Requirements

For other certificate area requirements, email or call Dr. Q at, 512.928.8423.
Level Certificate Specific Core Hour
EC-6 Bilingual Supplemental A combination of 15-semester hrs in English, History, Math, Natural Science, & Social Studies
EC-6 ESL Supplemental A total of the required 15-semester hrs must be in English
EC-6 Core Subjects Generalist A combination of 15-semester hrs in: English, History, Math, Natural Science, & Social Studies
4-8 Core Subjects Generalist A combination of 15-semester hrs in English, History, Math, Life Science, & Social Studies plus content area courses
4-8 Discipline Areas A total of 15-semester hours in discipline area courses (English, History, Math, Life/Natural Science, Social Studies
All Level Music Major or minor in Music field: Band, Orchestra, Choral, Classical Guitar, or Music Foundation/related field.
All Level Physical Education Major or minor in Physical Ed/sports or related field.
All Level Special Education Major or minor in Sociology, Psychology or related field with 15-semester hrs. in: English, Math, History, Natural Science, & Social Studies with a minimum of 3-hrs. in each of the subjects. Or, hold clinical experience with special needs area.
All Level French or Spanish Total of 15-semester hrs. in French or Spanish. Simply speaking either language is insufficient.
6-12, EC-12 Technology Application Major or minor in: computer applications, computer science, design/fine arts.
7-12 Discipline Areas A total of 15-hours in discipline area courses: English, Chemistry, History, Mathematics, Natural/Life  Science, Math & Science, Physics & Engineering, Science Composite, Social Studies…Physics/Math, Journalism