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Admission Criteria

Applicants Accepted into TEACH Must Meet Five Criteria

  • Hold a bachelor’s degree with an overall grade point average of 2.75 or above on a four-point scale. The state requires a 2.5 GPA. TEACH policy considers an applicant with a 2.75 or lower GPA for enrollment through the State 10% rule. Contact TEACH for additional information.
  • Submit a criminal record report and fingerprints as required by districts and the State Board for Educator Certification.
  • Submit two Letters of Recommendation.
  • Submit a one-page Letter of Introduction or Résumé
  • Complete successfully a screening process that includes completing an Entrance Interview with the program director.

TEACH Program is aligned closely to the basic requirements of a college or university in-service program. Thus, similar to most colleges/universities, we consider 24 semester hours in a discipline, a “major” and 18 semester hours, a “minor”. We strongly believe that the TEACH Program 24 hour course requirement makes an individual more marketable to an HR personnel director and/or principal. Aside from the student’s marketability, the additional hours in a discipline reduce the failure rate on the TExES content area exam. More importantly, the additional hours ensure a discipline-robust individual teaching in the classroom.

However, the Program is willing to consider (review) your application if you hold at least 18 hours in a discipline area. No matter, we continue to encourage all applicants to hold at least a “minor” or at the most a “major” in a particular discipline area. Botton line: Most, if not all school districts, require the 24 credit hours for content area certificates.

Sample of Specific State of Texas Certificate Requirements

For other certificate area requirements, email or call Dr. Q at, 512.928.8423.
Level Certificate Specific Core Hour
EC-6 Bilingual Generalist A combination of 24 semester hrs in
English, History, Math, Natural Science, & Social Studies
EC-6 ESL Generalist A total of the required 24 hrs must be in English
EC-6 Core Subjects Generalist A combination of 24 semester hrs in: English, History, Math, Natural Science, & Social Studies
4-8 Generalist & ESL Generalist A combination of 24 semester hrs in
English, History, Math, Life Science, & Social Studies
plus content area courses
4-8 Discipline Areas A total of 24 hours in discipline
area courses (English, History, Math, Life/Natural Science, Social Studies
 Requirements for following certificates based on results of 12-years of TExES exams. 
All Level Music Total hours equal a major or minor in Music field: Band, Orchestra, Choral, or Music Foundation.
All Level Physical Education Total hours equal a major or minor in Physical Ed/sports or related field.
All Level Special Education Total equal a major in Sociology, Psychology or related field with 24 semester hrs. in: English, Math, History, Natural Science, & Social Studies with a minimum of 3 hrs. in each of the subjects. Or, hold clinical experience with special needs area.
All Level French or Spanish Total of 24 semester hrs. in French or Spanish. Simply speaking either language is insufficient.
6-12, EC-12 Technology Application Total equal a major or minor in: computer applications, computer science, design/fine arts.
7-12 Discipline Areas A total of 24 hours in discipline area courses: English, Chemistry, History, Mathematics, Natural/Life  Science, Math & Science, Physics & Engineering, Science Composite, Social Studies…Physics/Math, Journalism