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Application Process

Getting Started With Three Easy Steps!

  1. Submit the form found on the Contact Us page or send an e-mail to Dr. Quintanilla.
  2. Receive an Application Packet via email.
  3. Submit a completed Application to Dr. Quintanilla via mail or Dropbox
Application: TEACH e-mails Application Packet to candidate’s email address.
Letter of Introduction: Candidate submits a one-page Letter of Introduction or Résumé
Reference Letters: Candidate submits two Letters of Reference.
Transcripts: Official Transcripts required from university confirming the BA, MA, or PHD.
Candidates should mail the above to:
TEACH P. O. Box 141473,
Austin, TX 78714
$50.00 Application Fee:
Candidate may pay by credit card (VISA, MC, AE, Discover)/check/money order/cashier’s check/bank transfer.  This fee is applied and matched to program fees as a discount when you enroll in TEACH .

Foreign Applicants: The state requires several other documents, for foreign applicants seeking certification,  See the  SBEC website for more details.

Foreign Credential Review: State and TEACH required an original Foreign Credential Review from an entity listed with SBEC. TEACH Preference: Foreign Credentials Services of America, 1910 Justin Lane,  Austin 78757;   512-459.8428

Verification of Immigration/Citizenship status:
A copy of the individual’s green card, visa authorizing the individual’s presence in the United States.
Proof of Oral English Language Proficiency:
TSE or TOEFL, both which measure an individual’s oral English language proficiency. A copy of the TSE or TOEFL registration bulletin may be downloaded from the their websites.
All candidates will need a social security number to apply for the program.