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Opportunity for Reducing $4500 Program Cost!!

  • Application Fee: $50. The $50 Application Fee is applied as a $100 discount to the Enrollment Fee if you select TEACH as your Prep. Prog.
  • Program cost could be at least or lower than  $3900 with discounts, see below. Program fees are paid: at Enrollment, $300 Access Fee–offers access to portal and coursework;   Enrollment Fee balance after discounts plus $3000 Internship Fee paid over ten-months.
  • Up to $700 or more in discounts available:
    1. Hold past teaching experience
    2. Submit teacher or principal reference letter
    3. Hold advanced degree(s): Masters, PHD, Certificate such as CPA, etc
    4. Enroll with a friend
    5. Participate in Teach for America Summer Institute
    6. Serve in the Military
    7. Serve as a spouse in the Military
    8. Transfer from another ATCP
    9. Teach/taught at a private or charter school for at least 2-yrs
    10. Serve as a Teacher Assistant for at least 2-yrs
  • Over 100 deliverables  listed here
  • Extended Program Availability