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Program Timeline

Program Design

Designed with the hard-working, over-extended professional in mind, TEACH’s functionality and flexibility is unique. The candidate is able to navigate through the 38 online courses offered effectively and efficiently according to his/her time schedule. Only 6 of the 37 courses, or the core courses, are required. All other courses offered are informational & enrichment.

Simultaneously, the candidate is able to bond with program instructors/administrators through  onsite, hands-on workshops/Open House Forums. These discussion opportunities are offered to candidates living in the Austin area. All other candidates are posted videos and are encouraged to participate in school campus/district and/or TEACH Weebly, online workshops.


Phase I
Engage with TEACH Core Courses & Prepare to Challenge TExES Exam. Time required based on amount of time individual has to devote to courses, but usually 2 weeks to 6 months.
Phase II
Secure Position & Prepare to Teach. Time required based on individual’s tenaciousness, but usually 4 weeks to 6 months.
Phase III
Serve Internship and Complete State & TEACH Program Requirements. Time required based on type of internship served, but usually 14 weeks to 36 weeks. Learn more about available interships here.


This program carries no penalties for transferring to/from another ATCP, or taking Leave from the program (delaying study); or not securing a position after the 1st semester of enrollment.

195 Hrs. Speciality*
ACC 2151 Community of Learners
SPE 1156 3 SPED: ADHD, Survey, Labels?
SPE 2159 Diverse Learner Cur.
BES 2158 Brain-Based Research
BES 3002 Ethics/Legal Aspects
BES 3003 Human Growth & Development
YTR 5001 TxBESS.Mentoring
YTR 5002 TxBESS.Framework

*Speciality courses are merely informational. Each course is the equivalent of 19.5 clock hr, university mini-course. Speciality courses add to the teacher’s knowledge & skills.