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Continuing to Give Voice to the Voiceless since 2004!
*Mantra birthed in Quintanilla’s Boston University 1993 Dissertation

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Advantages of @TQ Global
Delivering Much Flexibility!  The program is tailored to the candidate’s learning needs through a completely online delivery system. Online delivery system is housed at TQ Learner Management System, TeachSweet, www.tqportal.com. Guest Access, consult Contact Us.

@TQ Global Offering Clearing House for teaching positions in the Austin Area!
Consider possible teaching positions at the following Lab Schools:
Austin: Texas Preparatory Schools-Austin, 512.805.3000, Pr-K Teacher
Austin: Cedars International Charter Schools, 512-419-1551
San Marcos:  Texas Preparatory Schools, 512.805.3000
Smith Academy: 11530 Manchaca Rd, 512.282.7739
Call Dr. Q @ 512-928-8423 for other district listings. 
HR/Principals from the following: Jarrell, Leander, Round Rock, Pflugerville, Manor, Del Valle, Hutto, Taylor plus many more, connect directly to Dr. Q.

Key Offerings*

@TEACH QUEST Global Offering:

CPE Courses
TEACH QUEST (TQ) is authorized by the state to deliver CPE courses. TQ offers a variety of courses to meet the state CPE requirements. Call Dr. Q for list of courses.

Waiver TExES Courses
TEACH QUEST offers a variety of courses to meet the state Waiver course offerings PortalCourseListByFocus4Teachers from which to select. Course offering includes tutoring on the TExES exam for which Waiver is issued. Call Dr. Q for specific certificate exams, PORTALcore subjects.Waiver COURSES. Fee, $150. Fee is paid after accessing portal courses before scheduling tutoring and submitting TEA Waiver Request Forms.

Intense TExES Tutoring
We do not “set-up” our teachers for failure on the TExES!!! Instead, the TEACH Program Fees include two-levels of tutoring, or more, if required, via phone or onsite. TQ  holds TExES practice exams for the PPR and most content areas leading to the certificates listed below.  These practice exams are delivered through a secured section in the TQ portal. As such, teachers challenge the TExES practice exams from the comfort of their homes.

Technology Offering/Services
As an online delivered program, we offer a myriad of tech courses from children coding classes  and robotics building to generic weaving of technology devices and systems through the core courses.

Learner Management System
To enter the Learner Management System, designed and built in-house, tqportal.com, as a Guest, simply connect to the Guest password by contacting Dr. Q. through the Contact Us page).

Supporting Team#
A group of high-performing Professionals offer guidance in connecting to available positions in the Austin area. Simply call Dr. Q at 512-928-8423.


  • Work at your own pace and time in the comfort of your home.
  • Support throughout the program by online mentor, online professor, classroom mentor, and two classroom supervisors—-on going support at all levels, 12/7 connection to Dr. Q.
  • More Pending.

Specific Requirements for Applying for CPE & Waiver Program:

Submit Preliminary Application
email dquinta@att.net. Dr. Q, 512-928-8423, will connect to candidate after receiving the Preliminary Application.

Voice From the Past!!! Give Voice to the Voiceless!!

Hello Dr. Q, this is Karen Decker.

I don’t know if you still remember me.[Dr. Q]  Of course I do!! You were a fantastic teacher!!!!  I am one of your student teachers in 2015-2016. I was a teacher in the Philippines and when arriving here in Texas decided to enroll in your school to be a teacher in Texas.

I did EC to 6 and 4-8. Just letting you know that this year, I am awarded as Teacher of the Year [Dr. Q] Fantastic!!!! and will represent my school district in Region 7.

I just want to thank you and your good program, TEACH, 227-701, in helping me achieve my dream. Everything I learned from TEACH QUEST was put to good use. The webpage and portfolio I was required to do helped a lot in getting my job. 

God bless you always. Continue to help teachers like who dream to make a difference. [Dr. Q] Many thanks. And, the best to you. Remember, the portal and I are accessible to you at anytime. All services offered without fee. WooHoo!!!

Karen Decker

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