TEACH (Training via elearning: An Alternative Certification Hybrid–District Code 227-701) is an online teacher preparation program leading to 43 Texas teacher certificates. TEACH offers a Texas teacher certification program that specifically meets the needs of the  growing diverse student population in Texas classrooms.

2017-2018 SBEC/TEA Policies. email Dr. q @  dquinta.att.com for Policy Doc.  TEACH will not increase $4500 program fee. Of course, TEACH will continue to offer the same discounts  offered, since 2009, to defray cost.

Offering Much Flexibility!  The program is tailored to the teacher candidate’s learning needs through a completely online delivery system. Online delivery system is housed at TEACH’s elearning platform, TeachSweet, tqportal.com.

Efficient Exiting Program: Meet state and school teaching and learning requirements while efficiently exiting the online program with a solidly prepared standard certificate. Some require as little as two-weeks to complete six core courses. All other courses serve as informational and enrichment.

T.E.A.C.H. is an acronym?: Yes!District Code 227-701
TEACH is an acronym for Training via e-learning: An Alternative Certification Hybrid. District Code, 227-701

Key Offerings

Offering Teacher Training leading to a Texas Standard Certificate for teachers throughout Texas, U.S., and abroad.  District Code 227-701

Offering Intense TExES Tutoring
We do not “set-up” our teachers for failure on the TExES!!! Instead, the TEACH Program Fees include two-levels of tutoring, or more, if required, via phone or onsite. TEACH holds TExES practice exams delivered through the TEACH portal for all certificate areas. Teachers challenge the TExES practice exams from the comfort of their homes. As such,  TEACH does not require the PACT for admittance into the Program. However, if you challenge the PACT before applying to TEACH, a $100 discount is offered toward the Enrollment Fee.

Removing the Barriers to Time, Work, and Geography

TEACH provides an individual an alternative to a physical classroom. Training for a Texas teacher certificate is twofold.  First, the individual acquires the theory necessary to meet the rigors of a Texas classroom in an online classroom.  Second, the teacher applies the theories to practice in a 36-week paid internship or a 14-week non-paid student teacher internship. Both internships lead to a Texas Standard Certificate.

Supporting Team
Guiding the teacher is a team of teachers and professors who bring over 300 years of teaching experience in Texas classrooms. More importantly, TEACH delivers a teacher preparation program which exceeds SBEC Program Hour and  No Child Left Behind Act requirements.

Special Opportunity

While candidates will select a certificate area in which to concentrate, the curriculum’s interdisciplinary format prepares candidates with the pedagogical foundations for all certificate areas. Thus, candidates may access, at no additional cost, additional courses to complete the second or third certificate areas.


  • Delivered completely online: online courses, online workshops.
  • Work at your own pace and time in the comfort of your home.
  • Enroll at any time! Rolling Enrollment. No enrollment deadlines.
  • Evaluate transcript & application packet promptly; quick screening process.
  • Support throughout the program by online mentor, online professor, classroom mentor, and two classroom supervisors—-on going support at all levels, 12/7 connection to Dr. Q.
  • Earn two or more certificates for the price of one offered in certain content areas/grade levels!
  • Complete onsite internship as student teacher or teacher of record in public/private/charter school.

Certificates Offered, TEACH District Code 227-701

Elementary, EC-6: Generalist, BIED, ESL

Note: SBEC will continue to offer the Elementary/Middle, 4-8 Generalist.  However, after January 1, 2015, if a teacher fails a content area(s), on the 1st attempt, the teacher must re-challenge the content area failed. The New EC-6 & 4-8 Generalist Core Subjects exams available on January 1, 2015 for grades EC-6 and 4-8 will require more rigor.

Secondary,  8-12 & 7-12: Chemistry, English Language Arts Reading, History, Life Science, Mathematics, Science (Composite), Social Studies,  Physical Science (8-12 & 6-12), Physical Science/Mathematics/Engineering, Technology Applications

All Level,  EC-12: Music, Physical Ed., Technology Applications, French & Spanish LOTE, SPED

Supplemental: BIED, ESL,  SPED

7-12 Certificates:  Journalism,  Technology Applications

6-12 Certificates: Physics/Mathematics

Program Deliverables

  • 12 Professors, Online Course of Study
  • 70+ courses including but not limited to Core Courses, Brain-based Research courses, study guide courses; language courses, Middle & HS focused courses; special needs focused courses; Technology focused courses; uGuide Resources courses, -focused on all content areas and grade levels
  • 20 Educational Videos: 4 in zeToolbox, www.tqportal.com, others posted when requested
  • 10  Online Workshops, plus a hands-on Robotics Workshop
  • 2 Textbooks: Wong & Wong, The Brain Train, &/or Discipline Specific  Book
  • 2 Pieces of Software Demos: Inspiration, Portfolio Builder
  • 25 TExES Prep  Handouts
  • 12/7 Support via Internet, Telephone
  • 3 or More Tutoring Sessions, One-On-One TExES Prep Tutoring
  • 2 or More Sessions, Résumé Review & Interview Coaching
  • 35 TExES Practice Exams Available Through the Testing Site
  • Efficient Exiting Program: Six Core Courses Required
  • 6 Supervisor Visits: 4 per Semester (SBEC requires 3 per internship)
  • 2 Clinical Supervisors: If More Classroom Visits are Required, Supervisor Enters Teacher’s Classroom Twice a Week
  • 1 Mentor, Campus: Paid Stipend, Observes at Least 3 Times per internship
  • 1 Retired Teacher Mentor, Average, 1:3
  • 3-Year Program Supervisor Support (Two Years Beyond Internship Year)
  • Access to the TEACH Portal and other resources for the life of the Program after exit from program. No additional fees required. Future CPE credit available without fees.

Special Assistance:

  • Veterans, based on the 38 CFR 21.4267, TEACH, a certification program delivered completely online without leading to college diplomas, is not approved for GI Bill funds. However, we can assist you in accessing your GI Bill funds through an onsite program. Consider, also, connecting to Troops to Teachers, Region 13 or MyCAA. Or, consider the TEACH discounts of $500 to $800 toward the cost of the program.
  • Teachers, who hold more than 2-years of classroom experience. We can assist you in serving a reduced student teacher experience from 14-weeks to 12-weeks.
  •  Teachers holding a Masters or PHD are automatically, after quick application review, accepted into the program. A discount is offered for the Masters and/or Doctorate.

Types of Internships

Paid: Teacher of Record, 36 Weeks

Non-Paid: Student Teacher, 12- or 14-Weeks–Number of weeks based on past teaching experience in the classroom

Teacher Assistant: Internship possibility after serving a Teaching Assistant position. Internship possibility: 1) student teacher placement, non-paid or 2) Teacher of Record position, paid.TEACH provides supervisory services to the Teacher Assistant which lead to increased opportunities for a teaching position.

Out-of-State Territory: A teacher may serve a 12- or 14-week internship while living in another state. Pending approval by SBEC. There is an additional fee, above the TEACH Program Fee, for such an internship paid directly to SBEC.

Out-of-Territory Internship: A teacher may serve a 12- or 14-week internship while living in another country. Pending approval by SBEC.  There is an additional fee  paid directly to SBEC, above the TEACH Program Fee, for such an internship.

Suggested Plan of Action: Most teachers enrolled in TEACH who are serving in schools overseas or other states have access to  www.tqportal.com to complete the core courses and prepare to challenge the TExES while teaching overseas or in other states. They return or move to Texas to challenge the TExES and serve an internship in Texas. Generally, they serve a 12-week student teacher (clinical experience) internship. Some teachers remain in Texas and others return to their respective states or countries after completing all TEACH and SBEC/TEA requirements for the Standard Certificate.

To date, all such teachers have been U.S. citizens working overseas. Or, foreign-born whose spouses have moved or are moving to Texas to work in other fields. TEACH has offered and continues to offer such services to teachers in  Taiwan, Thailand, Italy, Mexico, Canada, Japan, China, Costa Rica, and many U.S. states. While TEACH is eager to assist teachers globally, the SBEC Internship fee is prohibitive.  Call Dr. Q @ 512-928-8423 to discuss your options.

Standardized Exams
+Based on TACode 230.11(b)(5), TOEFL, 4-exams, speaking, listening, writing, reading, required for candidates who earn their degree in an institution where English was not the primary language of instruction.  If, however, degree delivered in a language other than English, individual must present a transcript evaluation from a foreign credential service with Application Packet. Consider, www.fcsa.biz

+GRE, SAT, ACT, THEA, ACCUPLACER, COMPASS scores not required.

Cost of Program:

Application Fee: $50. However, if you are accepted and you select TEACH as your Prep. Prog. TEACH adds $50 to your application fee for a $100 discount toward the Enrollment Fee.

Application Packet: Please do not send application docs via email attachment, by piecemeal. Too risky for fraud! In particular, do not email transcripts—transcripts contain SS#!!  Instead, if living in Texas, post all application docs required  to P. O. Box 141473, Austin, TX 78714! If living out of Texas, place all application docs in Dropbox. Send Dropbox access info to Dr. Q at drq@checkteachercert.com

Enrollment & Internship Fees: As little as $300 offers you portal access and enrolls you in the program.  Enrollment Fee balance, after discounts & portal access fee of $300, may be paid monthly over 10-months. Program total, usually between $3500-$3900 with discounts & $300 enrollment fee!!!  Email/call Dr. Q for other special offers.

Use the Contact Us form to reach us!

Job Placement

The TEACH Program is well respected throughout Texas.  As a result, our teacher placement rate for our graduates, per year, is very high. Many of our TEACH graduates, however, after teaching for several years, move into administration or seek an advanced degree. In addition, nearly 89.7%, on average, of teachers who enroll in TEACH, each year, secure an internship soon after enrolling. Teachers secure either a student teacher placement (non-paid, 12- or 14-week internship) or teacher of record position (paid, two-semester internship).

Placement Rate School Year
87.9% to date 2015-2016
99.9% 2014-2015
99.9% 2013-2014
96.7% 2012-2013
95.3% 2011-2012
97.3% 2010-2011
95.6% 2009-2010
87.3% 2008-2009
94.3% 2007-2008
92.1% 2006-2007
98.7% 2005-2006